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Come and Take It Productions presents...


Darkness Divided, Bloodlines, Plasticity Theory, Goldmill, Living Scars

Mon, October 2, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

Come and Take It Live

Austin, TX

$12.00 - $15.00

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This event is all ages

** This event is ALL AGES, however, anyone under the age of 21 will be charged an additional 'minor surcharge' at the door. **

Darkness Divided
Darkness Divided
“A force to be reckoned with” - Metal Hammer

“They’re at their best, and closest to making music with real staying power” - Alternative Press

Call it divine intervention that DARKNESS DIVIDED came to be the entity it is now. The devout metal quartet return with a renewed energy and superior musical vision with their self-titled sophomore release, coming April 22, 2016.

Formed by vocalist Gerard Mora, bassist Joseph Mora, and guitarist Sebastian Elizondo, this group of metal revelers from San Antonio make music not only with a purpose, but with a message wise beyond their young years. The soft-spoken Southerners relay their directives while collapsing your eardrums with a sound so vulgar you’d think it was sent from a less than heavenly place.

With the recent lineup departure of fellow brother and guitarist Christopher Mora, and the addition of heavy-hitting drummer Hayden Allen, DARKNESS DIVIDED has evolved into a four man unit, with Christopher staying with the family to produce the new album.

“Christopher was an original member of DARKNESS DIVIDED and a very big contributor to the writing process for all of DARKNESS DIVIDED’s music,” states vocalist Gerard Mora. “The combination of him knowing our mission and what we wanted to sound like, and all of the band writing, we were able to create a record that we are very proud of. We lived together and recorded this album at home, so no matter how many hours a day we needed, Christopher was very willing to work and create with us. Will Putney (Thy Art Is Murder, Sworn In, Body Count) mastered the record and made everything much stronger, really adding a clarity to the parts that needed to be brought out.”

In 2012, DARKNESS DIVIDED released their first piece of music, the EP Chronicles. Shortly thereafter the band caught the attention of Victory Records and released their full length, Written In Blood, in August of 2014, which was hailed by Decibel Magazine as “a fun, heavy, unpredictable romp that could move a staid subgenre in a more inventive direction.” Since that debut, DARKNESS DIVIDED have toured with the likes of Close Your Eyes, Phinehas, Silent Planet, Colossus, For Today, August Burns Red and several festivals.

The vocalist continues, “This new album itself is split up into three parts - innocence, contradiction, and reaffirmation. As I wrote the lyrics to this record, I had the image of a house built of the ideas that others have built for you. As you grow from innocence and leave your innocence, your walls of the home begin to collapse. After you've lived and gone through adversity, you find out what really is important in life. That's when you reaffirm some of the things you've learned in your youth though they may have been contradictions you faced in your life previously. This album is about the thought process everyone should take to find truth in their lives. If we don't question the things we believe, then we don't really understand why we should believe in them."

Already a band entering the next breed of metal’s finest, Darkness Divided is loaded with punch, groove-laden, technical metal that refuses to conform to one style. DARKNESS DIVIDED are currently touring to support Darkness Divided, including South American shows which will be followed up with extensive touring throughout the year. Darkness Divided released everywhere April 22, 2016.

Gerard Mora - Vocals
Joseph Mora - Bass and Vocals
Sebastian Elizondo - Guitar and Vocals
Hayden Allen - Drums
Venue Information:
Come and Take It Live
2015 E Riverside Dr, Bldg 4
Austin, TX, 78741