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Anthrax, Killswitch Engage, The Devil Wears Prada, Oh, Sleeper, Fire From The Gods, Dead to Fall, Sons of Texas, Shattered Sun, Psychostick, Violent Vendetta, DSGNS, Cerebral Desecration, Driven Below, The Night Of, Forever In Disgust

Sat, April 15, 2017

Doors: 12:00 pm / Show: 12:30 pm

Come and Take It Live

Austin, TX

$45.00 - $55.00

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Oh, Sleeper
Oh, Sleeper
OH, SLEEPER stands armed and ready for domination. Children of Fire, their third album for Solid State Records, is a career-defining mission statement further establishing them in the heavy music pantheon.

From the opening salvo of "Endseekers" to the melodic bombast of "Hush Yael" through to the album's epic conclusion, which arrives in the form of the blistering title track, Children of Fire pa
ints a horrific picture of a world gone mad which can only be redeemed through the hope of pure truth. Upping the stakes of the conceptual storyline woven throughout their last album, Son of the Morning, the Texas based band has meticulously crafted a dozen songs that explore grand themes while anchored in basic human struggle.

Longstanding founding members Micah Kinard (vocals), James Erwin (guitar) and Shane Blay (guitar / vocals) returned to longtime collaborator and producer Andreas Magnusson (Black Dahlia Murder, Haste The Day) with a devastating new rhythm section in tow, which includes powerhouse young drummer Zac Mayfield. Together they assembled what now stands as a singular, cohesive, fluid body of work with an aggressive pulse that pushes extreme music forward. Children of Fire will most assuredly reinvigorate the genre in many ways.

"In the Wake of Pigs," "Claws of a God" and "Dealers of Fame" are among the new tracks that boast a commitment to combining anthemic certitude with thoughtful contemplation and introspection. There is no stone left unturned with the band's self-examination both musically and lyrically.

Kinard and Blay (ex-Between The Buried & Me) offer the most potent scream / sing combinations put to record since the most classic releases from Thrice, Glassjaw and Underoath. Expertly executed musicianship in the drums, guitar and bass department are all over the album. Children of Fire offers hope through an exploration of apocalyptic themes and the ongoing struggle of good vs. evil.

Children of Fire was mixed by Machine (Lamb Of God, Chiodos), which resulted in an extra layer of aesthetic absolutism. Oh, Sleeper sounds confident, proud and unashamed of their furious songs which twist and turn across a broad spectrum of emotion, displaying technical ability and memorable songcraft in equal measure.

Oh, Sleeper has built a dedicated international fanbase on tours with Bring Me The Horizon, Underoath, Every Time I Die, Demon Hunter, Silverstein, Finch and more. Their "broken pentagram" symbol has become synonymous with breaking from societal norms, uplifting spirits and merging melody with might.

The Armored March EP announced the arrival of Oh, Sleeper upon the heavy music scene with raw power. Their debut full-lenght album, When I Am God, sold over 30,000 copies based on the strength of its songs, the group's live show and the music video for "Vices Like Vipers," which remains a staple of the group's setlist.

The broken pentagram symbol made its first appearance on the bold cover for Son of the Morning. The graphic quite literally subverts and "evil" symbol by breaking off the top points, in direct reference to the line "I'll cut off your horns!" which Kinard screams while posturing as the voice of God against the devil. Many fans have connected with the purpose associated with this new symbol and have tattooed it upon their bodies.

Children of Fire is exactly the album Oh, Sleeper fans have expected and the type of record that will widen the band's audience even further. There's no compromise in sound or vision, but rather, refinement of intent.
Fire From The Gods
Fire From The Gods
Dead to Fall
Dead to Fall
Metalcore band from Chicago, IL.
Shattered Sun
Shattered Sun
SHATTERED SUN are poised to dominate the metal scene. The Texas six-piece is a remarkable example of hard work and determination, coming a long way from their industrious origins. SHATTERED SUN reflect the roots of their Southern backdrop, infusing state-of-the-art metal, and created Hope Within Hatred, their debut album (released April 21, 2015). What sets SHATTERED SUN apart from the crowd is their lyrical content in a time where it seems most heavy music is about negativity and angst. SHATTERED SUN empower with their message of hope and positivity.

Bonding over a love for the classics like Metallica and Queensryche, as well as contemporaries Unearth and Killswitch Engage, the members of SHATTERED SUN solidified their lineup in 2011. The core formation began with guitarist Daniel Trejo, drummer Robert Garza and vocalist Marcos Leal, and with the additions of bassist Joseph Guajardo, keyboardist Henry Garza, and guitarist Jessie Santos, SHATTERED SUN developed their signature sound.

The six-piece is a remarkable example of hard work and determination, coming a long way from their blue-collar origins. SHATTERED SUN reflect the roots of their influences amidst their vigorous Southern backdrop, slamming together into a sound that is Hope Within Hatred, their debut album to be released April 21, 2015. Helping the band create the album was producer Robert Beltran, who produced the bands 2011 release, Confessions, again at Precision Studio in Corpus Christi.

The emergence of SHATTERED SUN may seem sudden, but the release of Hope Within Hatred has been in the making for nearly three years. With the album finally ready to assault ears everywhere, SHATTERED SUN aim to take the next leap in their evolution. Adding to the landscape of Hope Within Hatred is the notorious volume and force the band delivers live. Vocalist Leal puts it bluntly, "We're a band that thrives on our live shows." We've never really been too theatrical, it's more about the energy. We love to get the audience pumped up, get aggressive and in the crowd's face."

In 2014 SHATTERED SUN signed with Breaking Bands LLC, the powerhouse management team led by Adrenaline PR CEO Maria Ferrero, Megaforce Records founder Jon Zazula (known for launching the careers of Metallica and Anthrax), and Chuck Billy, the voice of legendary thrash titans Testament. The band signed with Victory Records shortly after and the rest is about to make history.

"This is more than just a band putting out an album, going on tour, or signing to a label. This is living proof that no matter whom you are, where you're from, or what people tell you, you can overcome and turn dreams into reality". The band continues, "Everything that has crossed our path, from the continued support of friends and family, to the discouragement of our greatest enemies, has left us with no regret".

SHATTERED SUN received an early boost in 2015, as they performed for the 17th Annual New England Metal & Hardcore Fest, alongside Testament and Exodus. SHATTERED SUN also performed at River City Rockfest in San Antonio on May 24th, with Anthrax, Papa Roach and other metal contemporaries. The band spent the summer on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, followed by a fall tour with Soulfly on the "We Sold Our Souls To Metal Tour."

In 2016, SHATTERED SUN continued their road work, sharing the stage with Ill Nino, Voodoo Terror Tribe, Bobaflex, Scar Symmerty, Arisis and labelmates Darkness Divided.

The band is currently in the studio prepping their sophomore release, and will perform at the Texas Independence Festival in Austin on April 15, 2017.

Marcos Leal - Vocals
Jessie Santos - Guitar
Joseph Guajardo - Bass
Robert Garza - Drums
Henry Garza - Keys/samples
A breath of fresh air has come for those who need a break from the standard angry rock or metal band. While many fans love the rush of loud and heavy music, it usually comes bundled with negative lyrics and attitudes.

"It's refreshing to see people coming back to our site and quoting our lyrics because it brings out their lighter side," says Rob, the singer.

Psychostick has found a way to break the mold from a genre that often takes itself way too seriously. Combining well-written heavy riffs and grooves with tongue-in-cheek slapstick-comedy song themes, Psychostick has created a style that will either have crowds mosh-pitting one second, or doubled over laughing in another.
Cerebral Desecration
Forever In Disgust
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