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Despised Icon, Bury Your Dead, Unearth, Carnifex, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Oceano, Ringworm, Phinehas, Nekrogoblikon, On Broken Wings, Psychostick, REFLECTIONS, Fire From The Gods, No Zodiac, Enterprise Earth, Urizen, Hollow Earth, Great American Ghost, Insvrgence, Bow Before Horus, I-Terra, An Oath of Misdirection, Urth Realm

Sat, April 9, 2016

Doors: 12:00 pm / Show: 12:15 pm

Empire Control Room

Austin, TX


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Despised Icon
Despised Icon
A Canadian deathcore band from Montreal, Quebec, formed in 2002. The band is noted for the use of two vocalists; Alexandre Erian, takes use of a mid-range screaming technique, and Steve Marois for the low growling vocals, and high pitched screamed vocals. Despised Icon is known for its work in the underground music industry and have been considered one of the founders of the deathcore genre. In April 2010 the band announced that they will be disbanding. Catch them while you can on their last USA tour.
Bury Your Dead
Bury Your Dead
"Destructive hardcore with blunt, pronounced lyrics and delicious breakdowns…" Kerrang (KKKK)

Since the release of their Victory Records debut, 'Cover Your Tracks', in October of 2004, Bury Your Dead has seen much success. With a second stage slot on this summer's Ozzfest, video play on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball, tours with bands like Walls Of Jericho and The Red Chord, praise from publications like Revolver and Outburn, and "Magnolia" on the soundtrack to the feature film "The Cave" this summer, Bury Your Dead is one of New England's hardest and most promising acts yet.

Formed in 2001, Bury Your Dead started off as a side project of a band called Hamartia (whose "To Play The Part Of" was released by Goodlife Records), which featured Slim B. (guitar) and Mark Castillo (Drums). With the metalcore sound of Hamartia growing tiresome to both Slim and Mark, they started writing more moshy and less technical songs in their free time. They recruited Rich Casey (formerly of Groundzero) to play bass and Joe Krewko as vocalist and began playing shows in the Massachusetts and Connecticut areas under the name Bury Your Dead. News of their unbridled energy and destructive live show spread immediately around the East Coast hardcore scenes and the band was courted by Alveran/Eulogy Records. The band recorded and released their debut album titled 'You Had Me At Hello' in March of 2002, borrowed a van, then toured in support of it. Not only had Bury Your Dead begun making a name for
themselves out East, but they began to take over the rest of the country. However, upon their arrival home after several successful tours, Bury Your Dead decided to go their separate ways - Mark (drums) moved back to Philadelphia and began touring with Between The Buried And Me, Rich (bass) went back to running his own screen-printing business, and Slim (guitar) began playing guitar in the band Blood Has Been Shed.

After several months had past, Rich called Slim out of the blue and expressed his interest in getting Bury Your Dead back together. They rounded up their old lineup and a few others to fill in and played some shows back, heading down to Florida to play the annual Gainesville Fest. They ran into their old drummer, Mark, who was touring with Between The Buried And Me, and they discussed their desire to make Bury Your Dead a serious band again. Mark agreed, and the band did a few short touring stints as well as appearances on influential hardcore festivals such as Hellfest, and Metalfest. Their lineup was as tight as ever -- to the old schoolers Slim, Rich, and Mark they added Mat Bruso on vocals and a second guitarist, Eric Ellis (formerly of Floridian band Reflux). Bury Your Dead was back and stronger than ever.

With their lineup in place and their goals set, Bury Your Dead was approached by Victory Records in July of 2002 after their unbelievably brutal set at Hellfest and they signed a deal with the label the following winter. Bury Your Dead spent the next several months touring and when summer started to approach, they holed up in Massachusetts and did nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe the new Bury Your Dead songs, which would soon be their Victory Records debut titled 'Cover Your Tracks' "The whole writing process this time around was a lot different than the last", said Slim. "We had so many ideas floating around in our heads, so we decided to shut out the outside world and do nothing but get these ideas put together into songs. Literally, for two weeks, we did nothing else but write 'Cover Your Tracks'". They finally entered the studio in June of 2004, choosing to record at Q-Division studios in Somerville, MA with producer Matthew Ellard, who has gained notoriety since recording artists like Converge and Between The Buried And Me. "Recording with Matthew was great, he added so much to the record", notes Slim. "It was also nice that Matthew already knew Mark from his days in Between The Buried And Me, so it was a really comfortable feeling in the studio right off the bat."

'Cover Your Tracks' was recorded over a month-long time span and is one of the most brutal, destructive, and raging hardcore records to emerge from the East Coast scene. Musically, Bury Your Dead pulls their influences from bands like Sevendust and Crowbar, while their actual writing style is based more on mood and feeling, not on what they are listening to. Slim states, "This record helped the band as a whole exorcise a lot of demons. Each song tells a different story, and most of them are a big middle finger to someone or something."

Just in time for this year's Ozzfest, Bury Your Dead will be bringing their thunderous live show straight to stereos with the release of 'Alive', their first live album, on July 12th. 'Alive' will be released as a DualDisc with audio CD and DVD footage filmed at their now legendary show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA. With an exclusive coffin-shaped digipack that must be seen to be believed, 'Alive' was recorded by Paul Minor (Death By Stereo, Atreyu, Terror) on May 10th, 2005, and the renowned videographer and filmmaker Darren Doane filmed the show for the live DVD. The deafeningly loud crowd sings along and bodies fly everywhere in the pit as the men of Bury Your Dead bring their unmistakable talent and penchant for organized chaos and ass-shaking to the stage! Bury Your Dead are poised to become the only band that matters this summer… don't miss them on Ozzfest!
After an awe-inspiring 15 years of blazing trails and dominating stages, Unearth is now institutionalized as a relentless force in heavy metal, standing the test of time with consistently triumphant creative output, tireless road warrior resilience, Blue Collar style workmanship and a resolute determination to deliver the goods.

Like Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Testament and Anthrax before them, Unearth emerged as part of a burgeoning revolution in heavy music but continued to maintain their relevance and mastery of their craft. They've resisted and prevailed against changing trends, subcultural fashions and the way music is obtained and distributed with their credibility, integrity and unique persona intact.

The men of Unearth – longtime members Trevor Phipps (vocals), Buz McGrath and Ken Susi (guitars), John "Slo" Maggard (bass)– are proven "lifers." In just a couple of short years, drummer Nick Pierce has proven his commitment as well. They have put the furtherance of uncompromising heavy music at the forefront of their career goals. Unearth perseveres, conquers and continues to achieve.

Harnessing the punishing groove of Pantera, the melodic majesty of the New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal, the fist-pumping anthemic power of traditional metal and the gritty realness of early '90s Metalcore and Noisecore, Unearth offers a unique take on what was already a thrilling recipe. The Massachusetts based quintet stood tall beside their peers in the so-called New Wave of American Heavy Metal (a category that includes their friends and contemporaries in Killswitch Engage, Lamb Of God, Shadows Fall and All That Remains) even as they refined themselves into a timeless outfit independent of metal subgenres.

The astounding quality of Unearth's music has never wavered and only continues to shine through the overly crowded landscape, like a beacon to their fans. The early rumblings of Unearth's debut full-length, The Stings of Conscience (2001), as well as the EPs that bookended that release, were followed by albums that became classic, defining landmarks in the past decade of underground metal.

The Oncoming Storm (2004), a devastating benchmark many of this generation still discuss with the same devotional awe as albums by The Big 4; III: In the Eyes of Fire (2006), which cracked the Billboard Top 40 with 22,000 in sales during its first week; The March (2008), a conceptually driven opus awarded a 4 "K" review in Kerrang!; and the enduringly awesome new chapter that was Darkness in the Light (2011), which broke into the Billboard's Hard Rock Top 10 and was hailed by the international press, all comprise a pristine metallic catalog.

Unearth have made most of their albums with Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz (August Burns Red, Underoath, A Day To Remember) and worked with the legendary Terry Date (Pantera, Deftones, Soundgarden) as well. Ken Susi is an accomplished producer/mixer in his own right, having worked with The Contortionist and Seemless (among others) and on Unearth records, as well.

With roughly 500,000 in worldwide sales, Unearth's continued staying power has also hinged on their highly interactive and toweringly heavy live performances. Over the course of a relentlessly impressive career, Unearth have played amphitheaters, sheds, theaters, halls and clubs with a diverse group of bands in the metal, hardcore and heavy rock elite. They've appeared at prestigious festivals like Download in the UK, Germany's With Full Force and Wacken, Belgium's Graspop, Hellfest in France, Japan's Loud Park, Malaysia Rockaway Festival, Heavy MTL and many other notable fests across Europe and the United States.

They've traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, South America, Europe, Russia, China, Scandinavia and all over Asia. They've toured as part of Rockstar Mayhem, Ozzfest (twice), Europe's Never Say Die, Metal Hammer's Defenders of the Faith Tour, Australia's Soundwave (twice), Europe's Persistence Tour (twice), Sounds Of The Underground (US and Europe) and MTV's Headbanger's Ball Tour (twice) as well as multiple headlining runs. Much of that live energy was captured on the Alive from the Apocalypse DVD, which went gold in Canada and debuted at #13 in the US. The Unearth historical legacy was examined in the documentary portion of the DVD.

Unearth are committed to collaborating on uncharted new heights within their music. No sellout and no letdown for their extremely dedicated fans on the horizon. Newly partnered with eOne (North America), Century Media (Europe), 3 Wise (Australia) and Howling Bull (Japan) Unearth will always steadily maintain and powerfully proclaim their allegiance to the lifestyle, the ethos and the community of heavy metal, both now and forever.
Carnifex is an American deathcore band from San Diego, California. Formed in 2005, they are currently signed to Victory Records and have released three studio albums. Their band name literally translates to "executioner" from Latin.
Through The Eyes Of The Dead
Through The Eyes Of The Dead
Revered as one of the groups that pioneered the aggressive and abrasive mixture of death metal and hardcore that permeates the modern heavy music landscape, the South Carolina-based THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD triumphantly return with "Skepsis," the group's long-awaited third full-length. Eternal road warriors, the group has already done one national tour since finishing recording the album, and fittingly, they will kick off another on the new album's street date.

Since signing with Prosthetic in 2005, TTEOTD has SoundScanned nearly 60,000 copies and toured with a who's who of heavy music, perhaps most notably as part of the now-legendary 2006 Sounds of the Underground tour that featured a stacked lineup of metal gods In Flames, Trivium, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, GWAR, The Black Dahlia Murder, As I Lay Dying and more.
Unlike 2007's "Malice" -- which was produced by Hate Eternal main man Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore) and yielded the hit video track "Failure In The Flesh," voted the 7 video of the year by MTV's "Headbangers Ball" -- TTEOTD self-produced "Skepsis," the group's first album with new vocalist Danny Rodriguez, drummer Mike Ranne and guitarist Chris "Hank" Henckel, at Gellar Cellar Studios in New York. The end result is unquestionably the heaviest and most personal TTEOTD record yet. Whereas many bands opt for a more "mature" or melodic sound as time passes, TTEOTD has done the complete opposite, as brutality, speed and aggression are the new dictators here.

Guitarist and founding member Justin Longshore commented about the album, "Our new record 'Skepsis' finally captures the sound we've always envisioned. We really wanted to raise the bar with this one but also keep the consistency that Through The Eyes Of The Dead is known for. Overall, everyone has become better at their instruments and it really shows on the record. I have no doubt in my mind that new and old fans of the band will be pleased when they hear it!"

"Skepsis" irrefutably proves to even the most skeptical fan of heavy music that THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD are a force to be reckoned with and should face little resistance reclaiming the genre they pioneered.
Conceived in 2006, this talented young band comprises of former members of several Chicago metal outfits, and together are rapidly becoming one of the standouts of the Chicago extreme metal scene. Describing themselves as one of the angriest bands on Earth, OCEANO channel this through their music, creating in the process some of the heaviest, most guttural and all-out brutal music to be found anywhere. Having already completed numerous successful tours playing with the likes of Hatebreed and Suffocation, OCEANO are constantly growing in popularity and with a record deal under their belts, are now ready to spread their path of destruction far and wide, and will be soon levelling a town near you."
RINGWORM, the reigning kings of destructive hardcore metal, have brought forth yet another testament to their sheer brutality: The Venomous Grand Design. Ever since their emergence from the Cleveland metal scene, RINGWORM has garnered the immediate attention of hardcore metal fans, leading them to spots on tour with bands such as Blood For Blood, Hatebreed, and Terror. RINGWORM displays an awesome ferocity in the power of their instruments, and vocalist the Human Furnace uses his voice as a tool to extract the diabolical nature of anyone who hears it.

RINGWORM was spawned in 1991 from the metal scene in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1993, the band released The Promise on Incision Records, finding their place amongst other hardcore metal heavyweights such as Terror and Earth Crisis. However, despite this early success, RINGWORM decided to pursue personal ventures, the Human Furnace concentrated his focus on tattooing and his artwork, while other members joined up with hardcore legends Integrity. Nearly 10 years later, 2001 saw RINGWORM emerge from their dark place in the shadows with their critically acclaimed Victory Record's debut: Birth Is Pain. Extensive touring followed, although this was interrupted by personal ventures, as the Human Furnace owns a chain of tattoo shops, and guitarist Frankie "3 Gun" Novinec was touring with fellow hardcore deity, Terror. However, 4 years later, Justice Replaced By Revenge was released. Following their extensive touring in support of their latest album, RINGWORM made record time recording their latest offering: The Venomous Grand Design. In 2013, RINGWORM signed to Relapse Records and plan to release a new album the same year.

Destined to be a mainstay in every hardcore metal fan's headphones, RINGWORM's The Venomous Grand Design summons forth a new frenetic rage, breathing life into the rage within human kind that has gone unanswered for so long. RINGWORM shows any newcomers to the genre exactly what hardcore metal is supposed to be.
"TILL THE END" available Now! Metal from LA
On a cold, dreary winter night in July of 2006, Nicholas Von Doom and Tim were in the woods engaging in general tomfoolery when they stumbled upon a mysterious cardboard box with their names crudely inscribed with a Sharpie® Permanent Marker. Inside they found a letter handwritten in blood instructing them to write and record an album about the destruction of mankind at the hands of small, hideous creatures. Additionally, it mentioned that failure to complete this task would result in gruesome death. The letter was signed, "goblins".

Frightened and still a little buzzed, Nicholas and Tim immediately ran back into their cave and began frantically writing melodies and rhythms using an assortment of straws, whistles, and wooden spoons. The amalgamation of these sounds and Von Doom's indecipherable yelling soon became known to the world as NEKROGOBLIKON. The collection of music created that night was eventually named Goblin Island and was unleashed upon the world on January 1st, 2007. After receiving much Internet acclaim and a couple Grammys, Nicholas and Tim were relieved, assuming the goblins must have been satisfied. However, a couple years later another cardboard box appeared nearby their cave.

The goblins wanted more. Not just more music, but more people performing it, more silly instruments being used, and more Sharpies. Tim and Nicholas proceeded to kidnap four strangers and force them to help do the goblins' bidding. After another two years of writing, recording, drinking, and compulsive snacking, the new lineup of NEKROGOBLIKON released their sophomore album STENCH, which garnered them even more accolades. Rolling Stone raved about the album, calling it "the most dazzling album of the year." The LA Times stated "one can't help but be dazzled by STENCH." Even Paul McCartney praised the album, saying "if the degree to which I was dazzled was measured by volumes of water, STENCH would be an ocean."

At the goblins' command, NEKROGOBLIKON went on to perform these songs in public for months with the sole purpose of frightening children. This resulted in even further success for the band, eventually leading to them fully enslaving the Internet and being invited to shriek at innocent people at large musical festivals in Europe. "Surely, the goblins must be satisfied by now" thought the band. Weeks later another box appeared...
On Broken Wings
On Broken Wings
The Boston 5-piece known as On Broken Wings formed in early 2001. On Broken Wings play heavy, heavy music and have been compared to groups like Converge, Poison The Well, Every Time I die, Eighteen Visions, Glassjaw, and more.

OBW pride themselves on their competent live shows, giving them a chance to feature the more original aspects of their sound.

On Broken Wings has released a CD with Eulogy entitled SOME OF US MAY NEVER SEE THE WORLD.

OBW are currently recording their forthcoming CD for Eulogy at Big Blue Meenie in NJ. The CD will hit stores in June 05.
A breath of fresh air has come for those who need a break from the standard angry rock or metal band. While many fans love the rush of loud and heavy music, it usually comes bundled with negative lyrics and attitudes.

"It's refreshing to see people coming back to our site and quoting our lyrics because it brings out their lighter side," says Rob, the singer.

Psychostick has found a way to break the mold from a genre that often takes itself way too seriously. Combining well-written heavy riffs and grooves with tongue-in-cheek slapstick-comedy song themes, Psychostick has created a style that will either have crowds mosh-pitting one second, or doubled over laughing in another.
Reflections is an American metalcore band based out of Twin Cities, Minnesota. The band was founded in November, 2010. The band is composed of Jake Wolf (lead vocals), Patrick Somoulay (lead guitar), Francis Xayana (bass), and Nick Lona (drums).
Fire From The Gods
Fire From The Gods
No Zodiac
Straight Edge Hardcore out of Chicago.
Enterprise Earth
Enterprise Earth
The balls of Rammstein strapped to the bodies of DEVO with the brains of Type O Negative performing the live show of GWAR… with a robot!
Hollow Earth
Hollow Earth was a thought between members Mike Moynihan (Guitar) Steve Muczynski (Vocals) and Aaron Goodrich (Drums) during their stint of touring with legendary hardcore band Shai Hulud during November 2010. One year later, almost to the date, the three friends decided to take that thought more seriously. Rearranging their lives so they would be in the same location in Michigan, the members moved in together and put things in motion to became a real band. Their objective with Hollow Earth was to write sincere music and begin touring as much as possible. Quickly recruiting Dave Giandiletti (Guitar) and Jake Hicks (Bass) to complete the line up they wrote a six song EP entitled We Are Not Humanity within the two and half months of their inception and headed off to record at Getaway Group in Massachusetts with Jay Maas (Defeater, Verse, Shipwreck).

On We Are Not Humanity Hollow Earth draw on the influence of legendary bands like Turmoil and Buried Alive, capturing the energy and anger of hardcore that has been lost on so many new bands. Hollow Earth's lyrics are dark with thought provoking premonitions that paint a picture of impending doom that threatens the human existence. Riding into our demise, there's no turning back, the decimation of our world is eminent and Hollow Earth is the perfect soundtrack to play us out. We Are Not Humanity will be released on April 17th, 2012 through Panic Records on CD, Vinyl and Digital formats.
Great American Ghost
Boston Hardcore
High Energy Hardcore from Austin,TX.
Signed to InnerStrength Records.
New album "Every Living Creature Dies Alone" due out Oct.30th.
Venue Information:
Empire Control Room
606 East 7th Street
Austin, TX, 78701